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ESP UK - Everything an absorbent manufacturer should be

Who are Evolution Sorbent Products (ESP)?

ESP is a global business that specialises in the manufacturing of absorbent products. ESP UK is the latest in our growing global network of absorbent manufacturing and distribution locations. ESP’s headquarters are in Chicago USA, with other locations in Canada and Australia.

ESP has probably designed, constructed and run more meltblown manufacturing lines than any other group in the world. Our team was the first to develop different configurations to meltblown absorbents as far back as 1997. Others have now followed our lead, resulting in quite a few alternatives to meltblown polypropylene. Few however, match the performance and quality of our products.

It is no accident that our absorbent products have evolved over a number of years to become renowned for their technical innovation, as well as gaining a well-earned reputation for performing to the highest possible industry standards (our Chicago plant is now ISO9001 certified which is a requirement for the manufacture of medical grade absorbents).

We have built a prosperous global company by only supporting distribution. We are not going to change that, and feel that it is our job to make industry leading quality products, innovate new ones and leave the selling to you. It doesn’t make sense to compete with your manufacturing partner in the market place.

A new manufacturing facility centrally located in the UK

We have invested heavily in a new centrally located manufacturing facility in the UK. Being the first and only major manufacturer of meltblown absorbents in the UK, we will be able to provide your distribution business with a real advantage over those relying on imports. The UK market has up until now matured without any local source of manufacture. We now aim to shorten the supply chain to your advantage.

This will allow us to supply in quantities that fully suit your business demand and in much shorter time scales. You will no longer be required to purchase in huge container quantities from far off locations to achieve world market prices.

Quality and consistency you can rely on

ESP Global is the parent company of ESP UK and is committed to understanding and meeting the quality needs and expectations of all our customers. We will achieve this through on-going review and continuous improvement of our Quality Management Systems in all areas of our business (our Chicago plant is now ISO 9001 certified which is an industry first) our intention is to do the same in our other manufacturing locations too.

A strong track record of developing new technologies and innovative products

ESP have developed a number of new products and materials that have now become the industry standard. Our environmentally friendly absorbents, that are made from recycled or sustainable sources, are a perfect example of this. Visit our products section to see at a glance, the wide range of absorbent types and formats we can supply.

A reliable source for advice and absorbent knowledge

One of our key objectives is to make it far easier to compare and specify the correct absorbent. By introducing clarity and honesty, we want to dispel the myths and misconceptions that are prevalent in the UK & Western European absorbent market. This will in turn help your business to make better choices and perhaps raise the question ‘what exactly are our competitors selling?’

ESP UK manufactures an extensive range of absorbent types produced via three different technologies. We don’t need to try and sell you one type or another because we make them all. We will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each and help you make the best choice.

Visit our ‘learn more’ page - there you’ll find all the step-by-step information you need to choose the best product for a particular task. We also explain the differences in detail between man made and natural fibre absorbents whilst suggesting which fibre technologies are best suited for organisations wishing to achieve ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems

Our People

Bryan Sims - Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Roy Scharrer - Director Global Sales

Suzanne Hampson - Customer Service Manager

Jeremy Sims - Business Development Manager

Michael Klos - General Manager

Graham Taylor - Maintenance Manager

Mattias Svensson - European Sales Manager

Roger Warrender - National Accounts Manager

Deborah Jobson - Accounts

Michael Fletcher - UK Sales Manager