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Answers to questions for European distributors of absorbent spill care products

"We’ve never heard of Evolution Sorbent Products (ESP)! It’s just too risky buying in large quantities from a business we have no prior knowledge of."

ESP have been going for 10 years in Canada and the US, with product being shipped to the UK and Europe for a number of years – there’s a good chance you’ve already been using ESP products before now without even realising it.

"Why should we change our current absorbent supplier give us one good reason?"

Buy in ‘less than container’ amounts that can be delivered in days rather than months. Here’s another reason just for good measure; we offer high quality products all backed up with guarantees and customer service to make sure you’re 100% satisfied – after all, if you’re not happy you won’t come back and we want to build long term successful relationships with our customers.

"We buy in bulk to maintain stock levels and achieve discounts; we don’t want to lose this cost benefit."

ESP UK is a true manufacturer, so we can produce exactly what you want and in the quantities you require. We offer significant discounts for bulk orders. Our helpful payment term and ease of opening an account make doing business with ESP UK easy.

"How can you compete with continental based manufacturer when located in the UK. Your logistic costs must be huge?"

Our patented micro line manufacturing technology facility and low staffing requirement is more economical to run which makes us very competitive even with longer delivery to destinations to Europe. Also our centrally located plant has direct access to Europe from both Hull and the Southern coast ports.

"As you are a manufacturer, you will only look on volumes. How can I be assured that you will not supply all my competitors as well?"

We offer tiered scales of discounts so the larger your order volumes the more discount you’ll receive making you more competitive. We also carefully select like-minded distribution partners to supply products to, so that there are no directly competing distributors in the same area.

"As you are a US company with a plant in the UK I am worried about the Euro/Pound exchange rate. How can you guarantee a EURO price over longer periods?"

ESP UK is a true stand-alone business and trades in GB pounds. We can quote in Euros to remove the currency uncertainty. Currently the Euro is relatively low and we have had to match the current competitive landscape. In the longer term, we plan on building a plant in the Euro zone so the currency issue will be eliminated.

"My current supplier gives me full marketing support including pictures, product literature and technical support. Can I expect that from you as manufacturer as well?"

ESP UK have a bank of images and product information that we are happy to make available only to our distributors. We can also help with adding distributors branding to spill kits and even help you build your own brand should you require it.