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Answers to questions for UK based distributors of absorbent spill care products

"Who are Evolution Sorbent Products (ESP)?"

ESP UK is the newest addition to the ESP family of companies. The parent company is based in Chicago USA and has been in operation for 10 years. Along with the UK and American operation we also have a Canadian and Australian operation.

The American parent privately holds all companies. The senior management of ESP have been involved with absorbent manufacturing for the past 19 years and have a reputation around the globe as technology leaders.

We first pioneered the air laid spill absorbent products in the late 90’s and subsequently, through ESP, introduced Coldform2™, Ultraclean™ and Airmatrix™, as sustainable recycled options to meltblown polypropylene.

"Why did ESP open a plant in the UK?"

For almost three years ESP owned 50% of a master distributer in the UK (Ecospill - sold in Feb 2014). The company grew and our products were widely accepted in the market but the margins where a challenge (so there's a good chance you've already been using ESP products before now without even realising it!).

After learning more about the UK market, we realised that there was an opportunity to reduce the supply chain. The UK and Western Europe have a maturing spill control market that has developed without any local meltblown manufacturing.

The current situation of master distributors in the UK and Western Europe dominating the market is very similar to the North American market ten years ago. In the US the absorbent category matured, margins went down, until many of the manufacturers decided to sell in pallet quantities and stock related spill control products.

The manufacturers began to operate as master distributers there by stabilising their margins while increasing their competitive selling price. This reduced the supply chain by one tier, making it more efficient and now we predict that it will just be a matter of time before the same happens in the UK.

"My current UK based spill supplier says that they make their own meltblown"

Ask to see their manufacturing facility, as it is simply not true at this point in time. We would be happy to show you our state of the art automated meltblowing plant located centrally in the UK in Oldham just to the north east of Manchester. Contact us now to arrange a site visit call +44 (0)8458 385377.

"Some of your competitors say you will not last."

Perhaps not a huge surprise because our competitors can’t match what we can offer to our customers. As an ESP customer you’ll get better pricing, more consistent product and better average lead times.

We have already built a successful profitable global business and we are very pleased with the excellent growth since our 2014 launch here in the UK. So a big thank you to all our distributer partners!

"Why should I change my current absorbent supplier, we already buy from a manufacturer?"

Great, you’ve already built a large business, which can justify container or truckload purchases. We think that our short production lead times along with our location may enable you to carry much less inventory.

You will get the same price for a pallet as you would a container. Lastly there is no duty and we can sell in either Pounds Sterling or Euros, which also eliminates any currency risk. Custom products don’t carry any ‘up-charges’ and we offer private label programs too.

"We buy in container loads but you are targeting the smaller distributers, how will that work?"

Excellent question. In North America, manufacturers have operated beside distributors for many years. We establish a dealer after learning about their focus in the market and who their key customers are.

We in turn discuss who our distribution partners are. An open and honest discussion identifies potential conflicts. Lastly we have a very flat discount structure and it is based on yearly sales and market location.

ESP have grown and operated this way in North America for ten years, (the same as most of our competition) and virtually never have an issue.

"I get my absorbents from a wholesaler, why does getting it from a manufacturer make any difference?"

Buying from ESP UK allows you to remove most of the wholesaler’s margin so we offer better value. We are constantly adding to our related spill products and have a very good marketing department, which can support your efforts.

Custom solutions can be developed quickly and we will never be “out of stock” of absorbents because we make them. Does your current provider offer private label programs? We do.

Lastly we are a very knowledgable and customer service focused business. We want your business and are keen to show you how much it means to us!

"Our wholesaler ‘back-sells’ products on our behalf. Why would we risk losing this?"

ESP UK industry experienced sales representatives offer these services too. We can also offer training for sales branch staff, and site-visits to recommend how a site can be made compliant with industry guidelines and legislation.

We also offer spill response training to prepare individuals or businesses on how to respond in the event of a spill.

"I don’t just need absorbents; I need a complete spill management product range too."

Not a problem. We offer a complete range of spill management products as well as industry leading absorbents, including next generation sustainable ranges too. You can see our full product range here.

"The quality of the absorbents I get now is OK, how do I know that ESP UK’s are as good?"

We have been competing with other manufacturers on a world wide basis for more than ten years. We are ISO certified in the US so we constantly monitor quality and standards. You will see higher loft from ESP UK absorbents because we process the products differently.

"I don’t have to pay upfront with my current absorbent supplier, changing from this would be cost prohibitive."

Opening an account with ESP UK is hassle-free and our payment terms along with larger order discounts make doing business easy, contact us for more details.

"Absorbents are complicated products to understand with all the variations in spec and even harder to ‘up-sell’ to customers. Why should I invest a lot of time getting to grips with a whole new product range?"

Once you get to understand the market/products from our perspective you will realise very quickly that the products are not complicated at all and there is a huge amount of product redundancy.

It is our opinion that some of the master distribution companies have implemented marketing strategies that make the product options overly complicated simply to confuse the customer and make more sales.

Frankly this industry would be better off by eliminating 80% of the products. We have more technical product knowledge than most other manufacturers, (and certainly more than any wholesaler) so we can help you develop simple and effective product offering.