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Our Product Technologies

How to select a technology that’s best suited for the job

ESP have an enviable record of producing market leading, high performance products and new technologies. All our products where applicable are fully tested to both BSI and US ASTM standards, so that when we make claims about our products you know they are accurate or statistically correct.

We’ve invested heavily in research, development and quality control, which has paid off handsomely with a unique range of products that are manufactured to consistently high quality levels.

We can also develop and offer customised products. If you’ve perhaps identified a unique requirement for a specialised absorbent, simply call us to discuss your requirements.

Man-made polypropylene fibre absorbents

  • made with 100% polypropylene
  • great chemical resistance
  • good absorbency rates
  • high-tech manufacturing process
  • Oil only is the best choice for recovering oil-based spills on bodies of water

Meltblown Oil only

Meltblown Oil-only; is the best to use where vast amounts of water contains some oil. Locations like; off shore oil and gas rigs, harbours, and ships. Also ponds and lakes are ideally suited.

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Meltblown Maintenance

Meltblown Maintenance; is best used inside and will absorb both oil- and water-based fluids. Commonly used around facility areas near liquid storage or workshops where high heat levels are present.

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Meltblown Chemical

Meltblown Chemical does the same job as Meltblown Maintenance, but is manufactured with bright yellow pigment added to aid visibility. This really is the only choice when dealing with aggressive or unknown chemicals.

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Our production method for meltblown creates very fine fibres of a consistent size which, when combined with high loft, gives our meltblown adsorbents excellent performance and durability. Rigorous quality control guarantees and maintains consistently high quality levels.

Natural cellulose fibre absorbents

Coldform2TM Maintenance

Coldform2TM Maintenance; is the best absorbent choice when absorbing aqueous or water-based spills. For example it is exceptionally effective at absorbing siliconised antifreeze. Most modern lubricants are water-based so are particularly suitable for absorption using this technology.

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Coldform2TM Oil only

Coldform2TM Oil-only; made from 100% raw unprocessed cotton. Its natural water repellent properties have been boosted with our proprietary additives. We recommend this absorbent for any type of indoor use where just oil-based fluids need to be recovered.

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  • Made from natural fibres
  • Provides good traction or slip resistance
  • Maintenance Coldform2TM is the best choice for recovering water-based spills
  • The industry's most complete sustainable range of absorbents
  • Very soft and drapable
  • Comes in single laminated construction
Made from renewable resources & recylable

Recycled synthetic fibre absorbents

UltracleanTM Maintenance

UltracleanTM Maintenance Single Lamination Poly-backed is the top performer of all our Maintenance absorbent technologies. The poly-backed lamination prevents a spill from contaminating the surface beneath. UltracleanTM Maintenance Single Lamination Poly-backed contains high quantities of SpillLockTM. This absorbent is particularly suited to food processing environments where cleanliness is of the utmost importance.

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UltracleanTM Oil only

UltracleanTM Oil only is available in a Poly-backed version. An Oil only type has been introduced due to the popularity of the UltracleanTM Maintenance range. The poly-backed lamination prevents the spill from contaminating the surface beneath. This absorbent technology features a high recycled content from fibres that are synthetic based.

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  • Made with recycled synthetic fibres
  • Good strength and durability
  • Very high absorbency rates
  • Poly-backing is low-slip
Recylable SpillLock

SpillLockTM fibres absorb up to 150 times their own weight!

SpillLockTM truly is an exceptional advancement in absorbent technology. It's a result of science bringing us entire new classes of materials. The future is very exciting, and new materials will dramatically change our industry over the next decade.

SpillLockTM is a very small diameter fibre which absorbs 150 times its own weight in water. We carefully mix a small percentage into the products containing SpillLockTM and the result is a transformed high performance absorbent. The more SpillLockTM, the higher the absorbency and the water wick has almost 30%! The following sequence of shots shows just how powerful a small amount of these fibres is.

Products that feature SpillLockTM
  • UltracleanTM Maintenance Poly-backed Pads and Roll

Super Absorbent Flake

Before the introduction of super absorbent flake the only 'super absorbent' choice was polyacrylate (also known as nappy fill). Polyacrylate mixed with pulp fill has two major drawbacks; it is a very hazardous substance for the workforce who make the absorbents, and it also becomes extremely slippery and seeps out of the outer containing fabric resulting in a huge slip hazard when wet. For these reasons ESP UK was not prepared to use this substance in any of our products.

Super Absorbent Flake is a new product technology and has many benefits. First and foremost it is completely inert and not harmful, secondly it absorbs and holds liquids without any of the slippery or leaking gel problems. Another excellent feature of this new technology is that because it is inert the flake is able to absorb most hazardous chemicals. So not only is Super Absorbent Flake the world's first super absorbent for chemicals, it also out performs more traditional Maintenance and Chemical sock and pillow absorption rates by up to 50%!

Super Absorbent Flake socks and pillows absorb huge amounts of water-based liquids such as solvents, hazardous chemicals, and every day spills such as milk or juice. Their most impressive quality is that they can soak up and retain virtually all liquids and are classed as a Chemical absorbent. They have a strong spun-bond cover and are available in both Maintenance and Chemical types.

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Super Absorbent Flake sock in chemical is our recommendation for containing aggressive or unknown spills
image of super absorbent flake demonstration