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The ESP UK service difference - giving distributors a competitive edge

A vastly shortened supply chain that removes the need to hold large inventories - no more need to order by the container load

Up until now distributors of absorbent meltblown products have had to rely on imports from manufacturers located in the United States, Central Europe or China. This presented a number of problems such as; buying in container-sized orders, having to wait for delivery, the requirement to store in a warehouse the large amounts of product ordered and the financial disadvantages of currency exchange rates and import duty.

Evolution Sorbent Products UK (ESP UK) now manufacture here in the UK so at a stroke have removed all the problems highlighted above. This gives our UK distributors a real advantage over those relying on foreign imports.

Very competitive world market prices in order sizes up to multiple vehicle loads to deal with major incidents

Now you can order just what you need for next day delivery at world market prices. A vastly shortened supply chain removes the need to hold large inventories and the associated warehousing costs.

Because we make the absorbents here in the UK with real economies of scale and using our own manufacturing machinery, we can pass on the savings in costs to our distributors.

Stability of supply from dealing directly with the only UK meltblown absorbent manufacturer

ESP UK has invested heavily in our new centrally located UK manufacturing plant. Using our own proprietary technology meltblown lines, we can supply high quality product that is consistently monitored to make sure it achieves the high standards we specify.

We only supply to distributors

We have built a prosperous global company by only supporting distribution. Where some other manufacturers might offer their product directly to the end user under another name via a website, we believe that selling is best left to distributors.

We specialise in manufacture, supply and innovation leaving you to get on with the business of selling to your customers.

It doesn’t make sense to compete with your manufacturer partner in the market place.

Custom made special requirements that can be manufactured and delivered very quickly plus the facility to build your own brand via our private label service

Dependent on order size we can customise product for you. This can also include branding of product and packaging. Call or contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Quality and consistency you can rely on

We understand that our customers want consistently high quality and innovative products from a tried and trusted manufacturer.

We have a number of quality control and systems in place to deliver this - ISO 9001 (2008) in our Chicago facility which will also be rolled out in the UK, is an example of this.

Spill Response Training

Each year, slips and falls in the workplace cost employees their wellbeing and businesses their productivity, profitability and reputation.
Investment in spill training assists towards ISO14001 and Investors In People, meets with regulations including Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG21) and Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations (COMAH) and forms part of your Pollution Incident Response Plan.
One of the key defensive measures when it comes to preventing pollution are spill kits, however a more valuable asset are well trained first responders. By ensuring you have suitable spill control and well trained staff you can ensure if a spill does occur its effects will be minimised.
Crucial to minimising the risk of slips and falls is developing a comprehensive Spill Response Strategy.
Best practice recommends that you:
1. Assess, in advance of any spill event, the exact risks posed by the liquids at your facility.
2. Develop a comprehensive Incident Response Plan. Sourcing sufficient reserves of suitable Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Spill Kits and other key supplies will help ensure the plan's success should it ever need to be implemented.
3. Ensure all employees are trained, in accordance with their roles and locations, so they know precisely how to react in a spill event.
Observing these recommendations will help keep your workers safe and your business on its feet.
Training is undertaken by our experienced, dedicated trainers and can be carried out on site. All candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.

1 Hour Spill Kit Training
Up to 20 attendees per session

Training Session will cover:

Assessing the risks
Selecting the correct PPE
Confine a spill
Stop the source
Product Identification
Clean up - Hands on demonstration
Reporting Procedures
Replenish Spill Kits

3 Hour Spill Response Training
Up to 12 attendees per session

Training Session will cover:

Our environment and our duty of care
Short video presentation, (if site relevant)
Brief introduction to current pollution legislation
Health and safety of response personnel
Spill response products – types, uses and deployment
Awareness of liquids
Spill response actions – containment, clean up and disposal
After spill analysis

Spill kit locations and contents
Simulated spill exercise
Deployment techniques for spill response products

Customised Training
ESP are delighted to offer customised training to suit your exact site requirements, simply contact us to arrange a consultation.