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The Pure Filter range of products are advanced filters that are attached to a pump and used to remove contaminated water from access holes and ditches. Pure Filter Sock is available in two types and will remove hydrocarbons and any oil sheen from the water. The active carbon filter will also remove low molecular weight organics such as Diesel, BTEX. Yellow Jacket is a sediment filter that can be used repeatedly with the sediment being removed once the filter is full.

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Pure Filter Sock

The Pure® Filter Sock product line is your solution to the headache of deciding how to remove water with sediments and oil sheen from a site. Utilizing advanced filtration technologies, the Pure® Filter Sock and Pure® Filter Sock AC remove suspended solids down to 1 micron and oil sheen to non-detect. Currently deployed by many of the world’s largest utilities and construction companies, the Pure® Filter Sock range enables you to reduce discharge liabilities, vacuum truck costs and increase positive public perception.

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Pure®Filter Sock AC

Pure®Filter Sock with Active Carbon Layer