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The Pure Filter range of products are advanced filters that are attached to a pump and used to remove contaminated water from access holes and ditches. Pure Filter Sock is available in two types and will remove hydrocarbons and any oil sheen from the water. The active carbon filter will also remove low molecular weight organics such as Diesel, BTEX. Yellow Jacket is a sediment filter that can be used repeatedly with the sediment being removed once the filter is full.

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Yellow Jacket™

The Yellow Jacket™ Sediment Filter is an innovative way to remove sediment from water at your work site and minimize waste. The Yellow Jacket™ Sediment Filter is designed with reusable filtration fabrics: once the Yellow Jacket™ Sediment Filter reaches full sediment capacity, the contents can be easily dumped from the filter on-site, and the filter deployed for immediate reuse.

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Yellow Jacket™ Sediment Filter

Yellow Jacket™ Sediment Filter removes sediment from water.