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Man-made polypropylene fibre adsorbents (meltblown)

Meltblown is the term used for polypropylene sorbents. Polypropylene resin (which is plastic) is melted then ‘blown’ as very fine fibres into a mat that can be cut into individual pads or rolled up. Meltblown is best used for recovering aggressive spills or leaks and for recovering oil-based spills on land and especially on large bodies of water.

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Single Layer

This construction is made by simply blowing the desired weight in one procedure and then cutting it into either pad or roll format. Single layer meltblown offers fast absorption but limited durability. These products are ideally suited to the marine and particularly the Oil only version to the off shore oil industry.

Filter products

Pads and Rolls

Meltblown, Oil only Non Bonded Roll

A heavy weight non bonded Oil only roll.