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A New Year, a new product line up, and a new brochure

We’re happy to announce that our off-the-shelf product range has been updated on both our website and in our new brochure. To see the website product range click here. To download the brochure click here. If you’re new to ESP UK and would like to speak to a customer service representative and receive a copy of the brochure contact us here.

Why choose ESP UK absorbents?

  • The UK’s only meltblown absorbent manufacturer
  • Off-the-shelf products means immediate availability
  • A shorter supply chain means better value
  • We give you the tools to build your business
  • Outstanding customer service levels to ensure our customers are happy and keep coming back

‘off the shelf’ products can be found on the following pages

  • Pads, Rolls and Split Rolls 29-36
  • Anti-static Pads and Rolls 37-38
  • Other Absorbent Types 39-44
  • Socks 40
  • Booms and Sweeps 41-42
  • Pillows 43
  • Drum Tops 44
  • Wick Absorbent 45-47
  • Industrial Rugs 48-50
  • Spill Kits 51-59
  • Sediment Particle Filters 62-63
  • Granular Absorbents 64-66

Make 2017 the year you maximise the profits made from selling absorbents

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