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Small Plant Nappy® Replacement Liner

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Small Plant Nappy® Replacement Liner

2 litres | 0.5 US Gallons of Oil
Facts and figures

The Plant Nappy is a practical solution to current spill prevention products, allowing fuels and oils to be absorbed into the base and contain the spillage whilst allowing clean water to escape. What’s more is that the Plant Nappy requires no assembly or lengthy training and is ready to offer protection out of the bag.

Liners offer the same features as the internal base but with one key difference, the liner is removable. Should you find yourself with a frequent drip or spill, the liner would absorb oils and fuels until it reaches it’s capacity, at this point you could remove the liner and clean out the oil or replace the liner with a new one to effectively utilise the lifespan of the Plant Nappy.

Key Features

  • Self-draining - allows clean water to pass through while filtering out any hydrocarbons
  • Construction is lightweight but durable - fold for quick and easy storage or transport




460 mm(l) x 645 mm(w) x 10 mm(h)

Recycled Content*





0.5 kg


2 litres | 0.5 US Gallons of Oil

Base Fibre


  • Equipment and Plant Mat are not included

Suitable for

Recovering just oil only fluids


Recommended for recovering oil on land outdoors

Made from recycled sources

This product is made from recycled materials

Made from recycled sources