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Small Plant Nappy®

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Small Plant Nappy®

2 litres | 0.5 US Gallons of Oil
Facts and figures

The Plant Nappy is a practical solution to current spill prevention products, allowing fuels and oils to be absorbed into the base and contain the spillage whilst allowing clean water to escape. What’s more is that the Plant Nappy requires no assembly or lengthy training and is ready to offer protection out of the bag.

The base layer is a non permeable layer that acts as a barrier between contaminated liquid and the ground. Because of this there is zero chance of migration or transfer of fluids to the ground below. The materials have been carefully chosen to offer high puncture resistance to accommodate the harshest of environments.

The design of the side wall has been developed to allow rainfall to escape at a considerable rate but also filter out any oil residue that may have been picked up by water, the water leaving the Nappy has been proven to contain less than 3.4ppm of contaminates. The side walls shape regaining perimeter means that heavy plant and machinery can be rolled onto the Plant Nappy without compromising the side wall’s function.

Key Features

  • Perfect for outdoor use in wet and rainy conditions
  • 7.6 cm side-walls provide structure and help contain large amounts of storm water during heavy down pours. The entire lower base is a mesh providing the highest drainage rate among these types currently available.
  • Plant Nappy eliminates the need to empty contaminated trays after use.
  • Easy and cost-effective way to ensure environmentally friendly practice on site, avoiding possible prosecution or fine for contamination of ground and water.
  • Additional liners can be added to extend the usable life




785mm(l) x 500mm(w) x 76mm(h)

Recycled Content*







2 litres | 0.5 US Gallons of Oil

Base Fibre


  • Equipment shown is not included

Suitable for

Recovering just oil only fluids


Recommended for recovering oil on land outdoors

Made from recycled sources

This product is made from recycled materials

Made from recycled sources